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Data Center Consulting

Confused about what you need in a data center? Need someone to help guide you through the process? Our team has the experience to assist you in making the right choice for your company.

Want to save time and money? We can help.

Professional Data Centre Consulting Services

CRSC Data Center Experts have the skill and expertise to offer data center consulting by covering all aspects of the data center’s life cycle. From helping facilities determine what they need and when they need it to designing a proposed data center, performing an audit and maintaining it, we provide a comprehensive consulting service. All our services are based on relevant international data center standards.

Should you have an operational data center, our consultants can help optimize its operations by assessing the resources and technology used helping you to save money and enhance physical security and efficiency. We provide credible consultancy services to ensure all your valuable data is adequately protected and supported using the right IT infrastructure.

Being Uptime accredited, CRSC will utilize the Institute’s facility management and operations methodology to help minimize risks and ensure operational effectiveness. The Uptime Institute gives all our data centers a Stamp of Approval making sure every facility we build is a performing and reliable capital investment.

Clients can take advantage of our market intelligence and years of experience to get an innovative data center that provides users with optimal value and efficiency. We will evaluate your current data center set-up or help you to relocate, design or plan a brand-new data center.

  • One of the most important considerations in a well-run data centre is the cooling system. We can conduct airflow and cooling analysis to identify both current issues and future risks.
  • Server rooms use a lot of power but more often than not they can be more energy efficient which is better for the environment and your bottom line. We can conduct an energy audit and use software modelling to conceptually design and install a solution that will increase your energy efficiency.
  • Server room consolidation involves reducing assets and using more efficient technology. This could include better planning of space, cloud computing, replacing mainframes with blade server systems, server virtualization and storage virtualization. Whichever server or IT strategy you choose, CRSC will develop a revised power and cooling strategy to reflect those changes.
Data Center Consulting
  • Tier Verification

  • Training

  • Consulting

  • Benchmarking and GAP Analysis

  • LEED Verification

  • Site Audit

Site Audit
site-auditA site audit provides visibility into the architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural integrity of your data centre, and is necessary before any significant upgrade or update is performed. The results of a site audit can be used for benchmarking, GAP analysis, equipment and room design, power and cooling options, etc.
Strategic Planning
strategic-planningThe lifecycle of a data centre should be 20+ years, and therefore the design should be strategic to factor in longevity and scalability. The strategic plan encompasses existing IT requirements and future plans and goals – including corporate objectives. The data centre site can then be designed based on the existing and future capacity, equipment can be selected to meet and grow with your business, and any environmental or industry certifications can be sought accordingly.

commissioningCommissioning begins at the commencement of the project – before any design has been created – and continues throughout every stage. All testing, including acceptance and commissioning, should be incorporated during the design as this is important to
deliver a robust solution.

Tier Verification

tier-1There are many industry recognized standards that data centre owners strive to obtain, and the Uptime Institute Tier certification is the most recognized globally. In the early stages of the conceptual process, any Tier goals must be identified, as each Tier is reflected by specific architectural, electrical, or equipment requirements. Tier verification is consistent throughout the entire data centre design process, and it is important to partner with an organization experienced in this process.

LEED Verification

tier-2Data centres are known for their exuberant use of energy and therefore are often assumed to be detrimental to the environment. Planning and designing a data centre with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification as a goal can result in long term financial savings while improving your carbon footprint.

Equipment Selection

equipment-selectionDetermining the right equipment is an important part of the design and build process. It is important to select equipment that will suit your existing requirements and grow with your business. Robust and efficient equipment which is properly maintained can extend the lifecycle, and provide you with reliable power, cooling, monitoring, security, and fire detection and suppression.

Project Management & Site Supervision

project-managementBuilding an IT structure is unlike other construction projects and requires specific knowledge and experience to ensure protocols and procedures are properly drafted and followed to minimize any chance of downtime, and recognize any issues which may delay the project or increase the budget.


design-engineeringThe design process will reflect the results of the site audit and strategic plan, and will incorporate commissioning, Tier and LEED goals. The equipment will be specified and you will begin to see a layout of your data centre. If applicable, the tendering process for trades and equipment will commence during this phase.


trainingOnce the equipment is installed, qualified technicians perform training for your personnel on general operating procedures, trouble shooting, and basic maintenance. Proper understanding of the operations of your equipment is important in identifying issues before your data centre is impacted, and in adherence to manufacturer’s recommendations which may affect your warranty.

Maintenance and Operational Directive

mainProactive preventative maintenance is important for the proper function of your equipment and will identify potential risks before they impact your data centre. Inspections should be performed by trained and qualified technicians to ensure maintenance is in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations.


monitoringMonitoring your data centre is an increasingly important initiative to ensure the efficiency and uptime of your data centre. Your monitoring program should provide you with the real-time temperature and humidity levels, PUE and DCiE readings, and alarm tracking. If you have multiple data centres are different locations, your monitoring system should be configured to provide you with complete visibility in to all of your sites – seamlessly.


Our consulting services are available for a range of data centre upgrade projects. From equipment upgrades to a complete data centre retrofit, we will provide recommendations and oversight to ensure a successful project.

Benchmarking & GAP Analysis

Benchmarking and GAP analysis are important for ensuring you have sufficient space, power, and cooling to meet the long term goals and objectives of your company. Our professionals will work with you to develop your IT strategy and determine the right solution and plan to allow your data centre to grow with your business.

Professional Services

Partner with experienced consultants to help you achieve your strategic goals.

Data Centre Equipment

Robust, quality equipment solutions to meet your power, cooling and monitoring needs.

Data Centre Maintenance

Superior maintenance services performed by trained technicians.

Data Centre Solutions

More than 300 mission critical infrastructures designed and built across Canada.

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