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Data Center Maintenance & Server Room UPS

Simply put – a superior service provider is well trained, reliable, thorough, professional, and bonded.

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We Maintain Data Centres


The answer isn’t tied to any one thing – it’s in the many things we strive to do.

  • Knowledgeable, factory trained, detail oriented technicians perform a thorough inspection and identify potential faults or risks.
  • Proactive support and monitoring for the complete power stream.
  • Impressive options for replacement batteries during the contract period.
  • Solutions for equipment / facility discrepancies, equipment replacement / upgrade as required, future growth / GAP analysis.
  • All technicians have an electrical education and extensive field experience on the complete powerstream.
  • Two service technicians perform major inspections for safety, quality control and complete inspection efficiently.
  • Technician response time that is unmatched by any other organization, with two technicians on call 24 / 7, 365 days per year.
  • All technicians equipped and trained to use the most advanced power quality testing and diagnostic equipment.
  • CRSC facilitated on-going training programs to provide you with the necessary instruction for the day-to-day operation of your equipment.
Database Centre Maintenance

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Infrared Thermography Services — a proactive approach to maintenance

Visibility to potential disruptions to your power supply is vital to maintaining a reliable IT facility. Infrared thermography provides this visibility by taking non-contact, infrared temperature measurements that capture an object’s temperature reading as a two-dimensional picture.

CRSC technicians are trained in infrared thermography and can include this option in your comprehensive preventative maintenance program. By determining a loose connection, corroding or erosion before failure, you will improve your reliability and save costly repair expenses.

Why TWO Technicians for major inspections?

For safety, quality control and efficiency, we send two experienced technicians for all major maintenance inspections. Two technicians will assist and verify the quality of work and complete the inspection in less time.

How is Your Data Centre Cooling Equipment Maintained?

Data centre cooling is constantly evolving with the industry push to cool more efficiently and at a lower cost. Maintenance is vital to ensure the reliability and longevity of this equipment.

A maintenance contract is customized to meet the specific requirements for your data centre and organization. The maintenance of a data centre cooling system encompasses many factors and is essential in identifying deficiencies and improving the life span of your equipment. Whether your data centre is cooled by cooling towers, computer room air conditioners, or through free cooling, a regular and frequent maintenance program is critical to your data centre.

An air conditioning maintenance inspection is a thorough inspection of your complete cooling systems, and would include examination of each component including:

  • The load, temperature and humidity levels
  • The water regulating valve for scaling or corrosion condition of all other water valves
  • The refrigeration circuit for oil and refrigeration leaks
  • The fan, motor housing, and pulleys, as well as the belt condition and tension

Should a deficiency be identified, your CRSC service technician will contact you with recommendations, which may include further diagnostics.

Why Does a UPS Require Maintenance?

The quality of an UPS system varies by manufacturer. Some are supported with up-to-date technology while others are backed with long term warranties. With this kind of support, is maintenance really necessary for the reliability and functionality of a UPS system? The answer – definitely! Frequent equipment inspection and maintenance will identify points of failure before they happen. Maintenance is pivotal for keeping your data centre online and extending the life of your UPS equipment.

The ideal environment for a UPS system is a clean, dust-free, dry area with a consistent temperature of 20°C and a load less than 80% of the capacity. In many data centres, the environment is not conducive of these recommendations, and therefore UPS fan and filter cleaning are required.

Your CRSC preventative UPS maintenance includes:

  • a thorough inspection of:
    • internal and external operational elements
    • voltage and current readings (if applicable)
    • transfer circuits from inverter to bypass
  • inspection of internal connections and power circuit connections
  • battery inspection including connections and testing
  • verification of connections and synchronization between multiple UPS systems (if applicable)

Should a deficiency be identified, your CRSC service technician will contact you with recommendations, which may include further diagnostics.

Why is UPS Battery Maintenance Important?

UPS batteries are a crucial component to your power system, providing back up or alternative power in the event of a failure with the main utility supply. With the uptime of your data centre relying heavily on your UPS and battery systems, regular maintenance is extremely important. Proactive maintenance of your battery system will provide visibility to the condition of your batteries and identify any deficiencies requiring immediate action.

During major inspections, your CRSC service technician examines the battery system for:

  • Verification the UPS float voltage is accurate
  • Corrosion of the batteries and connections
  • Physical damage including cracks, leaks and swelling
  • Required re-torque of the intercell connections in accordance to the manufacturer recommendations
  • General cleanliness and removal of debris around the equipment

Should a deficiency be identified, your CRSC service technician will contact you with recommendations, which may include further diagnostics.

Why Does Your Generator Require Maintenance?

In the presence of a power outage, your generator represents the life line for your data centre. As with any mechanical equipment, consistent maintenance is required to identify deficiencies and ensure the generator will start and operate as required, when it is required.

At CRSC, we have established generator maintenance for a weekly inspection, a more detailed monthly inspection, a thorough semi-annual inspection, and a complete annual inspection. These inspections are properly documented to provide you with proper maintenance records, and are performed by trained and qualified technicians in accordance with CSA-C282, and can be incorporated with other maintenance inspections.

Your annual generator inspection will include:

  • 2-hour full load test with load banks
  • Testing of the control panel, engine, generator, and transfer switch
  • Battery inspection

Should a deficiency be identified, your CRSC service technician will contact you with recommendations, which may include further diagnostics.

Do Static Switches need to be Maintained?

Static switches enhance the availability and maintainability of your data centre equipment, and are an important component of your power stream. By maintaining your static switches on a regular cycle, you can ensure your equipment is functioning properly and identify any potential risks before they affect your data centre.

CRSC technicians will thoroughly inspect your static switches including:

  • all electrical components
  • minimum clearances for proper air flow
  • cleaning of air filters and the interior and exterior of the cabinet
  • measurements and readings

Should a deficiency be identified, your CRSC service technician will contact you with recommendations, which may include further diagnostics.

Is It Important to Maintain your Fire Detection & Suppression System?

According to the Ontario Fire Code and ULC 536, the fire panels require inspection two times per year, with the gas and sprinklers to be inspected once a year. The test and inspection of a fire alarm system is performed as per the Ontario Fire Code and ULC 536 standard. The extinguishing system and sprinkler systems are tested as per the Ontario Fire Code, and N.F.P.A. standard for the extinguishment type.

The inspection and testing consists of:

  • operating all manual stations
  • operation of all heat detectors
  • all smoke detectors tested as per the manufacturer specifications
  • sensitivity results recorded for all smoke detectors
  • audibility of all bells and horns
  • operation of sprinkler devices
  • alarm devices are not being obstructed
  • annunciation confirmed for all alarm initiating devices
  • where possible shut-down of equipment is tested. ie. air conditioners, fans, shunt trips, etc.

Should a deficiency be identified, your CRSC service technician will contact you with recommendations, which may include further diagnostics.

Why Does my Data Centre Require General Cleaning?

A data centre is a dynamic environment with frequent activity including personnel interaction, equipment maintenance and upgrades, new equipment installation, cabling, architectural upgrades, and construction. This continuous activity increases the presence of dust and debris which can adversely affect your data centre equipment.

Frequent professional cleaning will reduce the presence of dust, dirt, debris, equipment overheating, and airborne contaminant which are hazardous to the equipment operation and employee health. Your data centre cleaning, performed by CRSC, utilizes non-abrasive, non-toxic, anti-static, and environmentally friendly products, and will include cleaning of:

  • the sub floor area
  • surface floor area
  • walls, windows, and ceiling
  • equipment areas
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