Data Centre Solutions with Over 30+ Years of Experience

Why choose CRSC?

Low overhead, in-house talent, and long-term relationships with manufacturers means choosing CRSC will save you time and money.

Talented, experienced, accredited, and knowledgeable in-house personnel who are committed to determining the right solution for your business.

Experience in designing and constructing data centres to meet industry best practices such as Uptime Institute certification.

Customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Service technicians perform major inspections for safety, quality control, and to complete inspections efficiently.

Technician response time that is unmatched by any other organization, with technicians on call 24 / 7, 365 days per year.


Want to save time and money? We can help.

Data Centre Services

Professional Services
Partner with experienced consultants to help you achieve your strategic goals.

data centre experts - crsc

Robust, quality equipment solutions to meet your power, cooling and monitoring needs.

Maintenance Services - crsc

Maintenance Services
Superior maintenance services performed by trained technicians.

Construction Management - crsc

Construction Management
More than 300 mission critical infrastructures designed and built across Canada.

facilities management | CRSC

Facility Management
Mission critical facilities management by industry experts.

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