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Robust, quality equipment solutions to meet your power, cooling and monitoring needs.

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Any data centre project begins by identifying your needs and objectives for Density, Reliability, Efficiency, and Budget.

In this digital age when so much of business depends on constant and instantaneous access to data, a well-designed, well-built and well-maintained data center is the cornerstone of any well-run organization. Think about it this way: if data is the actual lifeblood of your organization—the information that pumps continuously to all parts of the company, essential in how employees do their jobs and the experiences customers have with those employees—than the data centre is the very heart of your organization. Having a data centre go down, even for a few minutes, can cause immediate and long-lasting damage to your business. A smartly designed data centre, built with world-class technology ensures maximum uptime for your business and the best experiences for your customers. But modern data centres are also incredibly complex operations requiring comprehensive understanding of the many technologies involved. And building the right centre in any setting—ensuring all those technologies complement one another to form one efficient operation—takes a high level of expertise. The team at CRSC will bring order to that chaos.

Here’s How:

  • The Right Experience

    The growing demand for secure and efficient data access is bringing a rush of new data centre players making big promises. CRSC has been making and keeping our promises for more than 25 years, building on our expertise and experience year after year.

  • The Right Size

    CRSC gives you the agility, support and responsiveness of a small shop with the scale, expertise and supply chain of the industrial multinationals.

  • The Right Place

    We aren’t the cheapest in the market. But by understanding your needs and getting the right equipment, we will save you money over time. Optimum performance, maximum uptime and efficiency, is only realized with the right equipment for your data centre.

So, why CRSC? When it comes to planning and executing data center construction there are many important variables to be considered and many significant decisions to be made—each having potentially huge ramifications across the operation and indeed on your business and how you serve your customers. That’s why it’s so important to work with people that you can trust and that have deep data centre expertise and experience. At CRSC we have that experience and that expertise to precisely evaluate your needs, provide the solutions that are right for you, solve problems as they emerge and build the data centre that meets your business requirements. We are the partners you need for your data centre. We are confident. We are decisive. We are elegant professionals of data center solutions. We are CRSC.

We supply equipment from any and all manufacturers including:

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