OSP - Outside Plant: Elevating Connectivity with FTTH Services

In telecom, OSP stands for outside plant. The OSP consists of all the equipment, cable, and infrastructure, located outside the building. OSP installations historically were copper, and coax based, however more and more fibre networks are being installed. These fibre networks are referred to as FTTP or FTTH (fibre to the premise or home).

The OSP topology consists of:

  • The central office (CO) or headend or point of presence (POP)
  • The cable distribution (either underground or aerial)
  • The midspan nodes where field mounted repeaters and splitters are located
  • The service location or “premise”

Installing the OSP in the field includes both urban and rural, underground and aerial, and requires specialized equipment and labour to ensure an efficient and high-quality installation.

Current global demand for the equipment, and more importantly the experienced labour to perform the safe installation of the cable and the skill required to terminate the cable, has placed a premium on this type of work.

Key elements of our FTTH services-oriented OSP approach are

  • A fully experienced team equipped with the specialized equipment to deliver
  • Lineman, telecom experience and splicing teams available
  • Experienced with both traditional cable and pre-terminated material
  • Excellent safety record and compliance with various incumbent telecom infrastructure providers for pole/conduit access
  • Understanding of remote location logistics, wide breath of support crews, and dynamic scheduling required for in the field changes
  • Represent the owner's interest
  • ComplyWorks and Cognibox compliant
  • Integrated customer and project specific KPI reports
  • Documentation close-out package services

How can we help with FTTH services

Our experienced in-the-field and support teams understand the need for providing a compliance and certified offering to perform all your outside plant (OSP) work.

We strive to perform our work by exceeding client expectations in terms of quality, performance, and scale, all while being as minimally invasive in terms of our footprint in the communities we are servicing.

We are very experienced with integrating into our customers supply chains and back-office processes to ensure an extremely efficient delivery model.

Let CRSC collaborate with you to support your outside plant business needs.

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