Data Center Monitoring Equipment

Data centers rely heavily on advanced equipment to ensure continuity of business operations. Power outages or downtime can cause damages or losses which bring everything to a standstill. That is why the data center must be designed with the hardware and technology to mitigate risks and protect it from minor and major damages. At CRSC, we have the skill and expertise to offer data center infrastructure monitoring that protects your facility from catastrophic losses.


Physical security is key in any data center. The data center must be properly secured to prevent unauthorized access that may result in intentional or unintentional damage. Other than having armed or unarmed guards at the data center, you may invest in other security measures such as surveillance cameras or biometric technology to keep track of movement in and out of the data center. We will review the security options that are most appropriate for your facility based on your needs and budget.

Thermal Managemnt (TH Mapping / Monitoring)

Data centers must be protected from damage caused by extreme temperatures. This can be done by installing multiple temperature sensors within the facility. The sensors should be placed strategically in various points in the data center including on top, in the middle and bottom of racks so that they can effectively measure the heat discharged by different equipment.

Airflow And Humidity Levels

Monitoring the air conditioning vent intake and outtakes is also critical in data centers. It helps to ensure there is an adequate flow of air in between the racks. High levels of humidity can cause severe damage to electronic components due to corrosion. For such reasons, the humidity levels need to be monitored by installing proper equipment.

Leak Detection

Data centers should have fully functional moisture sensors that detect leaks inside the cooling equipment or nearby components like pipes. Moisture detectors can come in handy during catastrophic events like floods or any other disaster. Best practices recommend leak detection sensors to be installed at the lowest point on the floor or under pipes. Sensors need to be placed under the A/C condensation trays as well to monitor for leaks.

Power Failures

Monitoring is also critical to prevent electrical failures from interfering with the performance of air conditioning equipment even though the other components in the data centers like servers will still be functional. Typically data centre sites have generators, one or many. In the event of a power outage or when the load switched over the UPS, we ensure the UPS are handling the load without problems and that the batteries are discharging properly and evenly. We also make sure that the power from utility to generator is being switched over with proper sync and without a problem. It’s better to experience a few hours of downtime by shutting down the equipment rather than allowing it to continue running when the air conditioning has shut down. This helps to prevent device failure due to overheating.

Protection From Fire And Water Damage

Data centers are prone to fire and water damage. The facility needs to be designed with proper fire protection equipment which include fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. Take advantage of CRSC’s skill and experience in designing data center protection systems that are reliable and can reduce losses significantly in the event of a fire or water damage.

CRSC is Uptime Accredited. This ensures all our data centers meet uptime requirements, mitigate risks and maximize operating efficiency. We utilize Uptime Institute’s consulting and certification services to improve the operational effectiveness of your facility and reduce risk. Our Uptime certified designers will ensure all aspects of infrastructure monitoring meet the industry’s best practices.


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