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Municipal Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development

Due diligence and market intelligence are critical factors in paving the way for the successful delivery of any new development project, even more so for mission critical facilities like data centers.

At CRSC, we understand the approach required to receive approval from the jurisdiction and its stakeholders is extremely important. Favorable go to market schedule advantages can be achieved by moving expeditiously through the completion of these approvals and to ensure your business plan is on or ahead of target.

With the global increase in data demands, data centers are rapidly being deployed in many new and non-traditional markets, markets without special zoning rules or with contradictory requirements in existing zoning classes.

Key elements of our planning and permitting approach are:

  • Leading the communication and education of jurisdiction stakeholders on both the development and operational aspects of a project.
  • Reviewing and positioning data center specific criteria into non-data center zoning classes with the aim of reducing the likelihood of time-consuming municipal reviews. Commonly encountered hurdles are the minimum parking space metrics or regulatory reviews related to square footage ratios which often trigger formal site plan approval delays.
  • Understanding and navigating any sustainability or environmental impact assessment (EIA) requirements from storm water, nature corridors, sound, emissions, and hazardous material assessments.
  • Successful community benefit positioning.
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Components of the Municipal Strategic Planning & Development

Municipal strategic planning and development occupy a pivotal role in shaping the future of a community through the guidance of land utilization, infrastructure advancement, and overall progress. This intricate process encompasses various components working in harmony to ensure effective and sustainable growth.

Envisioning a prosperous future for the community forms the bedrock of municipal strategic planning. This entails visualizing the desired societal, economic, and environmental outcomes. Goals are subsequently established to foster the realization of this vision, serving as a navigational path for decision-making and developmental endeavours.

At the heart of municipal strategic planning lies land use planning, which stands as a fundamental pillar. It encompasses the determination of how the municipality’s land will be allocated, encompassing residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational zones. Land use plans facilitate a delicate equilibrium between the community’s requirements and considerations of environmental factors, infrastructure demands, and growth projections.

The significance of adequate infrastructure cannot be overstated when considering the well-being of a community. Municipal strategic planning encompasses a comprehensive evaluation and planning of essential infrastructure systems, including transportation, water supply, sewage, and public facilities. These plans guarantee the presence of necessary infrastructure to support present and future development.

To maintain a cohesive and sustainable community, zoning regulations assume a critical role. They establish precise rules and standards governing land utilization, building design, setbacks, and density. By providing guidance for development within the municipality, these regulations ensure the preservation of a harmonious and sustainable community. Zoning bylaws take into account public safety, environmental protection, and the safeguarding of heritage sites.

Effectual municipal strategic planning necessitates active engagement and involvement of diverse stakeholders, including residents, businesses, community organizations, and government agencies. Through public consultations, surveys, and workshops, stakeholders contribute their input, ensuring that the planning process embodies the diverse needs and aspirations of the community.

Successful implementation of the strategic plan hinges upon ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Municipalities continuously track progress toward the established goals, making necessary adjustments as required. This iterative process guarantees the ongoing relevance and responsiveness of the strategic plan to evolving circumstances and community priorities.

How can we help?

Successfully shepherding a data center or other mission critical facility through the planning and permitting process is rarely straightforward but can also be time-consuming and expensive.

We have the necessary in-house expertise to support your new market analysis or formal planning application. We can tailor a strategic plan and lead the multi-disciplinary approach of identifying the risks, the opportunities, and the stakeholders and how these inputs will impact your project.

Specialized acquisition due diligence will play a critical role in the eventual outcome of a successfully delivered project. Let us be a differentiator and get your project launched on the proper trajectory.

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