Mission critical facilities generally require a significant capital and operational investment and ultimately are measured by their reliability and efficiency. Often, regulatory or client requirements mandate 3rd party audit or certification be carried out on an annual or regular basis. Even when regulatory requirements are not deemed mandatory, internal controls should be established and validated.

At CRSC our experienced and multi-disciplined team will apply industry best practices and offer an objective perspective to showcase what is going well and highlight areas needing attention.

From quick health checks through to annual 3rd party compliance reviews or even asset acquisition/divestiture exercises, we start by determining the target objective of the audit to focus the time and financial resources appropriately.

No single standard or framework covers everything but our familiarity with the many options allows us to efficiently apply the best approach to provide insight into the actual status and state of your asset and the operational risks.

Key Elements

  • Based on numerous design guides:
  • IDCA
  • Uptime Institute
  • TIA 942
  • Based on industry recognized 3rd party certifications:
  • SOC
  • ISO
  • Can reference multiple frameworks:
  • ITIL
  • Federal Government (TB/RCMP)
  • Government of Ontario GO ITS
  • Highly flexible and tailored to your budget and schedule, audits can include:
  • Operational readiness
  • Internal governance reviews
  • Threat Risk Analysis (TRAs)
  • Gap analysis and design review
  • M&E infrastructure and asset catalogs
  • Energy efficiency and power audits
  • Physical cabling plant
  • Capacity planning
  • Organizational maturity
  • Financial due diligence
  • Capital planning
  • Physical security and access control
  • Training programs
  • Safety system and programs
  • Reliability and Tier Rating analysis
  • As built drawing reviews
  • IT/management systems/DCIM
  • Forensic outage analysis
  • Thermal imaging and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis
  • PM (Preventative maintenance) and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) program reviews
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) assessments/reports
  • Extensive bench strength in all aspects of the mission critical operation lifecycle.
  • Clear recommendations driving measurable increases in operational maturity and performance.
  • Highly customizable audit offering to ensure your spend is targeted as efficiently as possible.
construction management

Whether during the planning, design, build or operational stage of your program, or even to help analyze the root cause of a downtime or near miss event, our comprehensive and flexible audit services can be tailored to meet your budget, schedule, and objectives.

Whether a one-time targeted audit or part of a comprehensive annual review, CRSC will provide valuable insight, analysis, and recommendations to help identify risk, manage cost and maintain service levels.

Leveraging outside expertise to manage risk, inform stakeholders and ensure long term reliability are necessary in mission critical and other high reliability organization where risk factors and complexity increase the likelihood of a negative event.

Let CRSC help you establish improved visibility into your organization and partner with you on achieving increased reliability with our extensive audit practice.

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