Construction Management Procurement: Strategic Equipment Selection for Project Success

We understand the need to align the proper technical solution to the design requirements of the project. We offer a 100% vendor neutral approach to equipment selection. We source our solutions using any and all reputable suppliers and present to the client the values and benefits of the various options, along with our recommendation. Together, we make the final decision.

The critical nature of the equipment and technology interoperability are keys to success. Our extensive experience allows us to best position a cost effective and easy to operate solution.

Tremendous demand for the raw materials required for many types of equipment used in the mission critical environment puts additional strain on any project schedule.

Well-established relationships with manufacturers allow us to purchase directly, manage inventory and supply chain, and offer factory authorized parts and service.

Key elements of our equipment procurement approach are:

  • Direct, executive-level relationships with well established and reputable equipment manufacturers in the mission critical market.
  • Volume purchase agreements.
  • Comprehensive acquisition and logistics planning, analytics, and pre-purchase arrangements.
  • Multi-vendor RFP process management.
  • Creating precise equipment technical packages.
  • Submittal verification services.
  • Factory witness testing services.
  • Documentation close-out package services.
  • Successful deployments due to extensive experience with manufacturer interoperability.
  • Higher reliability and lower TCO (total cost of ownership) due to experienced product selection.
  • Interfacing with manufacturers to educate on operational considerations which can simplify design.
  • Positioning a cost effective and easy to operate solution.
  • Understanding the operating costs, energy requirements and sustainability impacts of equipment selection.
  • Procurement related risk assessments and supply chain management understanding.
  • Represent the owner’s interest.
  • Participate in preconstruction meetings with design and engineering teams to develop a well integrated solution.

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How can we help?

During the concept and design, preconstruction and tendering, installation and commissioning, and ongoing life cycle management, our expert team brings value to each step of the process to ensure your equipment procurement experience is smooth and well supported.

Our vendor neutral approach and experience with designing, operating, and servicing many makes, and models of mission critical equipment gives us, and you, an advantage. We advocate for you when it comes to selecting the best equipment options to provide a highly reliable and cost-effective platform.

We can also coordinate logistics and inventory management, paired with flexible payment terms.

Let CRSC collaborate with you to support your business needs.

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