Terms and Privacy

This privacy policy applies to any use of the application CRSC for mobile devices. Developed by Nova Solutions and CRSC, this application was created simply as a tool to assist data centre technicians with some of the most common tasks associated with their jobs. While CRSC is designed to assist data centre technicians performing their jobs, in no way is CRSC liable for the performance of anyone using the app in a professional setting.


In no way does CRSC designed to capture user information, however you will be asked to grant access to your phones camera and microphone to use those features of the app. Also, here is our phone number: 1-888-670-2772 and this is our email: info@crsc.ca. You can use either one to contact us and we’ll send you the thermodo plug-in that converts your phone into an ultra-accurate thermometer to take and analyse the temperature in specific locations while on the job.

FAQs About Privacy

Q: How do we collect and use information with this app?
A: We don’t.

Q: How do we use your information?
A: Nothing we can do because we don’t have any. What happens with this app stays on this app.

Q: Why?
A: Because we created CRSC to help you do your job, not sell to you or market at you in any way.

Q: So you won’t ever under any circumstances be sharing anything about me with third parties or advertisers?
A: That is exactly what we’re trying to say, yes.

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