White Papers

Mitsubishi Electric White Papers

The Power of Green- Mitsubishi Electric 9900A Series High Efficiency True On-Line Double Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply

Transformerless UPS Systems and the 9900

PowerVar White Papers

Is a UPS a Power Conditioner, Too? – White Paper #201

Neutral to Ground Voltage – Causes and Cures – White Paper #202

Surge Protectors vs. Power Conditioners. What’s the Difference? – White Paper #203

Beware of Those Power Protection Guarantees – White Paper #204

Voltage Regulators – They Ain’t What They Used To Be – White Paper #205

Power Viruses – The Source of Electronic Influenza – White Paper #206

Understanding the Benefits of Dedicated/Isolated Electrical Circuits – White Paper #207

Understanding ANSI/IEEE C62.41 (FORMERLY IEEE 587) – White Paper #208

Understanding UL1449 – White Paper #209

What’s This About Impedance? – White Paper #210

IEC 601- What Are The Implications For Power Quality? – White Paper #211

Common Mode Susceptibility of Computer Systems – White Paper #213

The ROI Study of Unburdening Service Costs from the Bottom Line – White Paper#213-R1

Preventing Downtime of 911 Centres

Powervar ABC’s of Power Conditioning – White Paper#SM122

Ground Loops and Ground Guard in POS Applications – White Paper #250

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