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A growing number of businesses in Calgary have come to invest in data center facilities upon the realization that they provide convenience and reliability when it comes to handling various business processes. Businesses are investing thousands of dollars to develop fully-fledged data centers with high-end IT infrastructure in order to minimize downtime, cut back on costs and increase their worth. At CRSC, we ensure that you do not compromise on quality when it comes to designing and building data centers Alberta.

Initial Design

Having a good foundation for your data center project is important. It all starts with developing a suitable design. The process of designing a data center can take several stages. Among the factors that have to be evaluated in detail include the location, security, resilience, environmental impact and power requirements of the data center. CRSC has a design team with extensive experience and skill in designing innovative data centers. We understand how important the design stage is to the overall efficiency and performance of the facility. We will sit with your IT manager, architects and designers to develop a data center that best meets your business requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Data centers need to have proper systems that help to maintain energy efficiency. Data centers can consume high levels of electricity and therefore they should be designed with energy efficient features to maintain stable temperature. When the temperature is too high, it can easily cause overheating of devices and risk shutting down the entire system. We will incorporate as many energy efficient features as possible in your data center depending on your needs and budget.

Fire Protection And Prevention

Data centers utilize equipment and infrastructure that can lead to huge losses in the event of fire damage. Data center designers and architects must develop facilities with powerful and practical fire protection and prevention features. From the standard sprinkler systems and smoke detectors to video surveillance, all risks must be reviewed and solutions provided on how to mitigate them. Fire damage can result in massive financial losses when costly equipment is destroyed. There is also the risk of losing sensitive data and information.

Review Air Conditioning Options

Data centers must have functional air conditioning systems in order to ensure the equipment works as it should. At CRSC, we provide our clients with multiple options when it comes to air conditioning. Your choice of air conditioning can quickly cause your energy bills to escalate. We know what air conditioning systems work for different environments and we’ll be happy to provide the most effective solution for you.

Design And Build Services

CRSC has experts who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the recent data center designs and best practices. Not only do we promise to use illustrative tools to help you better understand the design options but also build a facility that is tailored to address your needs. We offer flexible and reliable build services.

We have a skilled team of Uptime accredited designers who will conduct pre-testing to ensure the facility meets institutional standards. Uptime accreditation enables our team to design and build facilities that maximize operating efficiency and mitigate risks. Our team of specialists are ready to take up any data center project you have. Whether you want a tier I, tier II or tier III data center, we will ensure it is given a stamp of approval by the Uptime Institute. Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.

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