Cyberex Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Breakthrough technology

  • Fault-tolerant architecture eliminates single point of failure
  • Patented SuperSwitch algorithm delivers unmatched transfer characteristics
  • Dynamic inrush restraint increases system reliability by minimizing inrush to downstream transformers
  • Software-guided breaker operation eliminates potential for operator error
  • Graphical user-interface and mimic panel for local system monitoring and configuration
  • Waveform capture capable of storing 25 waveforms for both transfer and non-transfer events
  • Comprehensive monitoring provides ultimate flexibility for collecting and managing power data
  • Ultra-dense footprint reduces valuable floor space
  • Three tiered user-defined thresholds for power quality management
  • Remote access capability for system, event and alarm monitoring
  • Flexible access for ease of cabling, operation and maintenance
  • Unparalleled alarms, metering & diagnostics
  • Advanced communications allow access at any time from any location
  • Reduced number of internal components maximizes reliability
  • Configurable DIR transfer timing