Data Center Power Equipment

Design Of A Power System

When designing a data center power system, two aspects to keep in mind are the loads being serviced at the facility as well as maintenance demands. Power systems should be designed to make scheduling and implementing maintenance very easy and practical. Our technicians use their expertise and experience to design power systems using advanced technology.

Components like tie breakers, auto transfer switches, UPS and maintenance by-pass equipment are vital to data centers. For instance, an auto transfer switch will help to ensure maximum reliability of the power system by quickly switching between different sources of power during loss, voltage interruption or a power sag.

We may recommend maintenance by-pass equipment because this helps to minimize downtime during maintenance since it is designed to allow removal for testing or replacement to be done, without having to shut-down the entire system as in the case of fixed-mounted data center equipment.

Choosing Data Center Power Equipment

Various factors come into play when choosing power and electricity equipment for your data center. First, the equipment selected will be determined by the way the data center is powered. At CRSC, we evaluate your facility’s power requirements from the local utility providing the power supply to components such as cables, switches, batteries and backup generators. Each of these elements will contribute to providing uninterrupted power supply within the facility.

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