Data Center Pre-Construction Services

At CRSC, we emphasize on early collaboration in order to maximize on efficiencies regardless of the size of the data center construction project. Our team has the skill and expertise required to offer valuable insight during the early stages of pre-construction. This includes helping in design analysis, developing the budget and material/equipment requirements for data centers. We help our clients to make informed decisions during the preconstruction phase and consequently save time and money on the actual construction.

What to expect

During the early stages of planning and preconstruction, specialists from CRSC will meet with the project team in order to perform analysis and come up with insights that will be used in decision making. It is important for us to emphasize on early collaboration with the client from the early planning stages throughout the life of the project. We offer a wide range of tools and processes as well as data center solutions to make the preconstruction phase pleasant for all stakeholders. We know just how important early expert advice can be to help you improve project outcomes.

In fact, in any preconstruction, we know how critical it is for every stakeholder to collaborate in an effective manner at all levels. CRSC is a full-service construction management company that specializes in technician facilities for mission critical environments. We have a team of experienced consultants, project managers and experts who will ensure that every aspect of your project meets your needs. Our at-risk construction experience will ensure the data center is built within your budget and on-time. Our firm has been offering pre-construction services to different businesses for a number of years and will be happy to take part in your mission sensitive project.

Get the most value

Our data center consulting services can help you to understand the project’s practicality. We will help you to ensure that you meet the project’s scope and budget by coming up with a list of materials, tools and equipment requirements that are necessary. Our team will help you to ensure cost-effective purchasing and proper logistic practices are put in place. We will ensure that you maintain the functionality and aesthetics you desire in your data center while keeping the costs within a reasonable range.

Complete the project on time and within budget

At CRSC, we understand all the challenges you might face when scheduling a data center project with an aim of completing it on time and within budget. Our goal is to develop and manage the project in real time so that we ensure everything runs smoothly. We use our decades of experience in offering data center solution to ensure every aspect of construction is covered. From the materials to equipment needed, safety, logistics and labor availability, our team will leave no stones unturned.

Proper pre-construction planning to save on costs

When constructing a data center, cost-effective purchasing will really help to prevent the budget from escalating. CRSC works hand in hand with the project team to ensure all project goals are met and all the insights and estimates obtained from preconstruction planning are adhered to. Our team will help to guide and coordinate the project to ensure the purchase of materials is done within the budget.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Scope development
  • Site assessment
  • Subcontractor pre-qualification
  • Market value analysis
  • Site logistics and planning
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Cost modeling
  • Equipment procurement

Our team will work hand in hand with you to understand the project scope and challenges. We add value to your construction project by reviewing the design, material and system selection as well as the project quality and cost requirements. We build data center construction projects that are effective and give back a high ROI.