Liebert CRV – Row Based Cooling 19.6/20/35kW

Liebert CRV – Row Based Cooling 19.6/20/35kW

  • Available in nominal capacities from 19.6kW to 40kW.
  • Automatically balances the airflow and cooling capacity independently based on the needs of the IT equipment.
  • Horizontal airflow cooling design is suitable for non-raised or raised floors.
  • Air, water, glycol, and chilled water systems available.
  • Adjustable supply air baffles maximize cooling to rack equipment by avoiding the need to provide extra air that is lost to the room.
  • Caster mounted for easy placement.

Higher Availability

  • Wellness monitor alerts users in advance of potential issues.
  • System provides complete environmental control – cooling, humidity control and air filtration.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Compact cabinet with high cooling capacity minimizes floorspace requirements.
  • Easy to install and maintain – only front and back access required.
  • Digital scroll compressor and variable speed EC fans operate efficiently and provide a long service life.

Ideally Suited For

  • Rows of racks in hot aisle / cold aisle configuration.
  • Rack equipment with high heat density, or a mix of densities.
  • Spot cooling.
  • Supporting capacity of existing raised floor cooling units
Liebert CRV installs within a row of data center equipment racks, providing precision cooling close to the server heat source for the most efficient and effective operation. The combination of Liebert iCOM™ controls, digital scroll compressor and EC plug fans ensure reliability and energy efficiency.