Cyberex SuperSwitch GT

Cyberex® is proud to introduce the three phase SuperSwitch® GT, for integrating distributed energy sources with electrical power utility grids. The SuperSwitch® GT protects critical loads on any micro grid from power quality anomalies on the utility grid by instantly isolating it to provide reliable power.

Why SuperSwitch® GT

  • Protects micro grid from utility outage
  • Protects utility from faults on the micro grid
  • IEEE1547 protection
  • under/over voltage, under/over frequency and unintentional islanding protection
  • Provides power quality function that has an adjustable over and under RMS voltage level with an adjustable response time delay
  • Detects instantaneous (fault) current
  • Offers the capability to accept external open commands
  • Enhanced monitoring of voltage, frequency, and phase difference at the DG side and utility side and will connect when conditions are within limits.
  • Automatic calculation of the power flow for the unintentional islanding protection required per IEEE 1547
  • Backed by world class service support.