What to Consider When Choosing a Data Center Colocation Provider

Many businesses consider leasing space from a colocation service provider instead of constructing their own data centers Toronto. The high upfront costs as well as the maintenance demands of IT infrastructure makes it harder for businesses to maintain private facilities. When you make the decision to outsource data center solutions, the next important step if to find a reliable service provider. We’ll go over 5 important characteristics to consider prior to making this decision.


The data center colocation facility needs to be strategically located. If you need to ensure your IT staff can easily access the center, make sure the service provider is located close to your business premise. It’s always advisable if the people who are responsible for maintaining your IT infrastructure can easily access the third party’s location. Location is also key since it may hinder performance. For instance, if the data center facility is situated in areas that are prone to seismic activity like earthquakes, you may end up losing critical data. Also make sure the service provider’s facility is located close to power stations. Data centers heavily rely on power to ensure business continuity.


It’s important to consider the value-added services being offered by the data center colocation service provider versus data center construction. Some service providers will offer their clients on-site workstations as well as access to fax machines, conference rooms and offices. If you need storage for your equipment, look for a service provider that offers this. Most importantly, ensure the company has a reliable technical team that is available round the clock.

A reliable network

All data centers require dependable network services to operate optimally. This includes high network speeds and greater bandwidths. It will go a long way in ensuring ongoing access to data and proper communication throughout. There are telecommunication companies that offer data center colocation services. Their advantage is that they offer the best network. With advancements in technology, many businesses are facing complex connectivity requirements hence the need to select a service provider with robust network capability.


Security is a key concern when narrowing down data center colocation providers. You need adequate security to protect your mission-critical infrastructure. This includes layered security zones where systems and processes can only be accessed by authorized personnel as well as physical barriers such as fencing and reinforced walls to protect the facility. Data center colocation service providers also need to invest in proper monitoring systems. Find out if the service provider has an advanced surveillance technology to keep track of security breaches.


The cost of the data center colocation should be much lower than what an organization would pay for an in-house facility. The largest cost is usually the power, real estate and labor costs. Find out what certification level the data center has before selecting it. This certification is important since it ensures the service provider meets all the necessary compliance requirements. If the company has higher redundancy levels, you will end up paying more for their services.