Data Center Maintenance

Once we design and build your data center, we begin the critical process of maintaining the facility. To ensure your system is reliable and maintains maximum uptime, proper maintenance is key. CRSC has specialists who have offered data center maintenance services for many years. Our goal is to offer you the support needed to ensure your facility maintains peak performance at all times.

We come with experience in the industry as well as partnerships with renowned vendors to design a long-term approach and protect your valuable investment. We will monitor the day to day operations of your data center as well as technical issues that may result in downtimes. Our team will build data center construction projects that are easy to maintain using the latest technologies.

Why choose our maintenance services?

At CRSC, we give our clients a single point of contact where they can assess issues and get reliable solutions to keep their facilities running smoothly at all times. Our team helps to give insights to prevent common problems that data centers face. Whether you have a large data center with complex IT infrastructure or you need help maintaining a small facility, our team will be ready to step in and help. We provide operation reviews on a regular basis to ensure that any issues that arise overtime are resolved.

We have a team of qualified technicians with years of experience offering maintenance services in large and complex data center facilities. We offer data center consulting services for our clients should they experience any issues that need to be resolved fast.

Benefits of CRSC maintenance services

CRSC offers a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure reliable operation of your facility. We will offer our data center solutions once we have a thorough understanding of the facility and the supporting infrastructure systems. We have a team of management and field technicians ready to provide a superior maintenance service.

We will provide maintenance services to reduce costs and create time so that you can focus on innovation and productivity in your organization. With our data center maintenance service expect to:

  • Minimize downtime
  • Respond quickly and effectively to emergencies
  • Reduce risks
  • Handle equipment upgrades and replacements effectively

Our data center maintenance services include:

  • Maintenance of UPS, batteries, generators, switchgear among other components
  • Mechanical and HVAC system maintenance
  • Site documentation
  • Management of airflow
  • Data center cleaning
  • Maintenance of communication systems like fiber optics and cabling
  • Fire detection and suppression system maintenance

CRSC offers a comprehensive maintenance program that is designed to ensure that your data center always operates at its best. We keep track of your data center, operational systems and IT infrastructure to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved. We will develop a system that integrates all your maintenance needs into a single schedule that is easy to manage and mitigates potential risks successfully. We have practical and state of the art systems that incorporate scheduling, monitoring and reporting in all our maintenance tasks. Whether you need scheduled maintenance audits, system checks or server room cleaning, we are happy to offer this.

We can customize these services to suit your needs and budget. We understand that no two data centers are alike and so we’ll ensure that the maintenance service is suitable for your facility. Not only do we offer data center construction services but also maintenance to ensure your facility is running smoothly at all times. What’s better? Our maintenance services can be based on your systems and what matters to you most. Trust the team at CRSC to keep your data center clean, well-managed and operating efficiently.