Data Center Network Cabling and Communications

Choose CRSC and you’ll place your data center network cabling and communication systems in the hands of experts. We have a team of experienced technicians who will ensure your company’s voice and data networks are professionally installed, regularly updated and adequately protected. Our data center solutions involve choosing voice and data cabling that is secure to protect your business assets. Our technicians have received training and certification in the latest equipment and installation methods.With CRSC, be rest assured that you’ll be getting the best from our team given that they have the latest information from our partners and vendors. All our networks are inspected and tested after installation to ensure they comply to code and the manufacturer’s guidelines. After build data center construction, we provide clear and complete documentation to our clients’ IT managers. This is done to make upgrades, changes and troubleshooting simple and fast for the IT team.

Our network cabling and communications services include:

  • Wireles
  • Racks and cable trays
  • Carriers/ISPs
  • Copper cabling
  • Redundant networks and path diversity

To ensure reliable performance and operation, CRSC will take time to understand the data center standards and cabling objectives. We will help you choose the right components to support the facility’s applications. We know that the cabling chosen should be able to support all applications in the data center. Our team will use their experience and innovation to provide insights that save you money in the long run.

Important cabling considerations

When choosing the right cabling for your data center, we consider a number of factors including its quality, reliability and scalability. Whether you’ll need copper or fiber cabling in your data center, our experts are ready to recommend what’s suitable for your facility. We consider the cabling that supports storage devices such as fiber channels and NAS that may be present in your data center facility. During data center construction, we have to consider redundancy and path diversity when looking at possible cabling options for your facility. We’ll choose network cabling and communication systems that contribute to high performance and high bandwidth.

CRSC can help you to build an efficient network infrastructure that meets all your business needs. We know how today’s data centers are complex and require different kinds of technologies to operate smoothly. It’s our job to come up with the perfect data center networking technology for your business. Whether you have a small server room or a large facility, we’ll make sure the design and installation of your networking system is up to code and helps you to minimize on maintenance demands.

We offer you more

At CRSC, we do more than data center cabling and communication services. We provide reliable, effective and flexible solutions. We stand by you before and during the build data construction project and after it has been completed. We offer full technical support so that your network is up and running at its optimum best. Whether you need fast and reliable copper and fiber installation or a complete review of your network systems, our team is ready to assist. Let us be your cabling installer of choice.

We are experts in data center consulting services. If you have a data center that is old and needs an urgent upgrade, call us to help you get rid of the obsolete network infrastructure and help you cut back on operational/maintenance costs. We invest heavily in training our staff to ensure they offer customers flawless cabling installations. We’ve built a reputation over decades for offering the best data center network cabling and communication services.