Data Center Cooling

With new technologies, one of the main challenges is the growing heat densities in modern data centers. Businesses are trying to minimize operating costs when addressing the cooling requirements of their facility. At CRSC, we’ll make sure your facility doesn’t experience insufficient airflow or inadequate cooling that can lead to equipment failure or system crashes. We know that electrical systems in data centers can generate high levels of heat that can not only lead to equipment failure but also poor system performance. We offer reliable data center consulting services to prevent insufficient cooling in your data center.

Our technicians will start by pinpointing the sources and flow of heat in your data center. This will help us to identify the mechanical systems needed to keep the facility running safely and at a reasonable temperature range. Our goal is to offer you a very flexible and high efficiency cooling solution that ensures your equipment perform optimally throughout.

The best cooling products in the market

Whether you’ve invested in a build data center construction project or you have a small server room, we’ll ensure you have the most efficient cooling products in the market while managing the environmental impact of the facility. Our cooling solutions are tailored to meet your facility’s needs. Whether you need to invest in low, medium or high-density cooling products, CRSC will help you find the system that meets your unique requirements.
As the trend towards powerful and high-density computing data centers continues, our team is coming up with effective systems to remove heat in these facilities. We ensure data centers are properly managed to combat problems that can lead to downtime such as overheating. CRSC ensures continuous operation of mission-critical environments by developing preventative maintenance programs for our clients. We have extensive experience maintaining and servicing computer room air conditioning units among other types of cooling systems used in data centers. We’ll determine the cooling system that is right for your data center.

Cooling solutions you can rely on

Whether you are investing in a new data center construction project or retrofitting an existing one, we can help you find just the right cooling products for your facility. We have massive experience fitting cooling solutions for small and complex data centers. Our job is to provide you with a healthy data center environment and reduce the risk of random reboots or system crashes that normally occur due to insufficient cooling. We know that every piece of IT equipment in your facility produces a certain level of heat. Our team of technicians will ensure you have the right technology to prevent the high costs involves and downtime due to cooling issues.

Why choose CRSC?

  • We offer reliable, efficient and flexible data center solutions for virtually any IT environment, large or small. We can fix any cooling problem you are experiencing at your facility within no time.
  • We offer in-row cooling architecture in facilities where there is a need to move the cooling equipment close to the heat source. If this is the cooling solution ideal for your IT environment, we’ll be happy to discuss its pros and cons with you.
  • Large data center facilities can count on us to provide reliable cooling architecture such as Ecoflair or cost-effective solutions such as rack and room air distribution systems. We analyze the needs of a facility prior to recommending a suitable cooling architecture.
  • We choose only the best cooling products for our clients’ facilities.
  • We have a team of highly skilled technicians ready to assess the data center and understand its cooling problems before coming up with the most desirable solution.