Minimizing Risks and Downtime with Updated PDUs

When your data center experiences downtime, your business is at stake. In fact, some organizations have learned the hard way after suffering downtime for days leading them to close their businesses. The costs of recovering from downtime are usually too high. One of the main contributors of a high downtime is the kind of data center equipment present. PDUs are among the most important equipment to invest in because they can significantly help to reduce downtime.

PDUs can improve uptime and the efficiency in your data center. They are designed to identify signs of a power outage and communicate this in order to mitigate risks. The best PDUs are able to give you real-time information about your data center’s power capacity. If your existing PDUs don’t offer this and much more, you could be at risk of disaster.

Do you have outdated PDUs?

Relying on any form of outdated technology is risky for your data center, especially PDUs. Advanced PDUs offer you real-time visibility which is what you need to mitigate risks. You need to keep track of what is going on in your facility to reduce the risk of incidences of operational malfunctions that may occur when you least expect it.

There are so many risks of running your data center with an old and outdated PDU. The common risks include:

  • Frequent power outages
  • Wasted resources
  • Inefficient use of energy
  • Expensive power metering
  • No access to rack level data
  • High risk of downtime
  • Compromises on system performance

Like every other business, you are possibly under pressure to remain up to date with the latest technology. Clients expect their data to be safe and secure in your hands. At the same time, they expect the lowest cost available for the most reliable and secure systems in the market. Intelligent PDUs are not only cost-effective for businesses but also reduce the risk of downtime significantly helping you reach your business goals.

Introducing intelligent PDUs

Intelligent PDUs are designed using advanced engineering to ensure they fit perfectly on any rack. Other unique features include a workable power chain design as well as impressive interoperability. Because data centers are already high-cost environments, many organizations are looking to increase their ROI which could explain the existence of outdated PDUs in their facilities. However, having a PDU that has outlived its operational time is not only risky but inefficient for your data center. You put the entire operation under jeopardy exposing it to a host of dangers. You spend time and money fixing little problems that are caused by outdated equipment and also have to deal with the regular downtime that is common when running legacy PDUs.

On the other hand, advanced intelligent PDUs place you in the best position to address the unique needs of modern data centers and also make downtime less and unpredictable. You can get rid of small problems that you experience on your day to day operations by simply making changes to your IT equipment among other data center solutions.