Physical Security in the Data Center

As more and more businesses continue to incorporate advanced technologies, data center security has become even more important. Your data center is perhaps the most important aspect of your online infrastructure. Why then should you compromise on matters security? Take all the necessary measures to keep unauthorized users from physically accessing your servers. A single data breach can result in millions of losses for a business. In fact, some businesses will be forced to close down after a data breach incident.

Data breaches don’t just occur when software is compromised. Most businesses will focus on placing the right measures to ensure their software is adequately protected against unauthorized access. What they don’t know is that protecting the actual data center can also go a long way to ensure their information is adequately protected. Remember, data centers Toronto house very confidential information. It’s important to come up with systems that also provide physical security in your data center.

Smart lock systems in data centers

With so many new smart lock door access systems on the market today, this is one of the cost-effective ways to secure your data center against unauthorized access. When choosing a smart lock door access control system, make sure it’s easy to install and retrofitted into an existing rack in the data center environment. You should easily incorporate it into your data center environment without having to pull down walls or invest in costly hardware to get the superior level of security offered.

Smart lock door systems can use different methods to allow access. Some use something you know, which could be a password or a phrase in order to allow access. Others are designed with a biometric scan whereas others require a type of token or card key that contains some information which is coded to access the data center facility.

Other forms of physical security

Physical security can be reinforced in different ways. One simple strategy is to make sure the data center is not visible from the streets. Companies like Amazon are said to disguise their data center facilities throughout the country. Their facilities don’t have the Amazon logo and can be easily mistaken for large nondescript warehouses. If your data center is located in a remote area, making sure it’s hiding in plain sight and that it’s not easy for people to identify can help to boost physical security.

Data centers also need critical backups of certain utilities such as water, power and telephone lines. You may also consider investing in a battery backup to ensure the data center air conditioning system continues to operate in case of a power outage. The company itself can set up guidelines to prevent the risk of introducing malware to the servers. For instance, there could be a rule that no USB connected drives are allowed in the building so employees and guests are screened at the terminal and leave any removable media devices in the reception area. Simple measures like this can go a long way in securing your data center.